Sunday, June 7, 2009

GAG cover photo

The folded hands in the GAG blog ID above belong to Bryce Harper. The words and numbers (Luke 1:37) belong to the big man upstairs.

Behind the book, chapter and verse are the words, "For nothing is impossible with God." That might explain why the 16-year-old baseball phenom has been able to garner the nickname "Baseball's LeBron," if not originally given to him by SI then by someone else along the way.

The SI article doesn't explain Harper's viewpoint on religion or faith or those kinds of matters; writer Tom Verducci let's the photo speak for itself. On Harper's other wrist? The words "Play For Him."

Verducci did mention that Harper attends religious education classes regularly before school. Look for him every day in the big leagues in a few years, following his stint with Las Vegas High School.

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